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A sustainable eating companion app.

Nourish is an iPhone and Android app which aims to help people live more sustainably by helping them make informed food purchasing choices.

In a world which is riddled with mass consumption and customer convenience consequences such as waste and inhumane practices are inevitable. Sustainable living is a way to combat these consequences by becoming more mindful in what and how you consume.

After researching into sustainability a large pressure point which emerged was people's eating habits. A simple thing to fix if they had the correct tools.

This project was initially a UX design project, which lead to a prototyped app and a research document. But when tasked to 'make something' for an IT unit, I decided to get a team together and convert this prototype into a reality.

Partnered with Jonathon 'I Don't Train But I Am Ripped' Vrankul and Mladjen 'The Man of the People' Tomic, we were able to turn this simple prototype into a functioning Android and iOS app. We used react-native, which meant we could deploy to both Swift and Java while only coding in Javascript.

A large part of this project was the research into the individual food products, and this would be the biggest blocker if we were to take this app public. Without a sufficient database of product data and sustainability information this product is useless. We would ideally need to partner with a grocer and also have the government enforce some sort of sustainability rating policy on any product sold in Australia.

A video explaining the app and us using it can be viewed here: