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Fluff Casual Cosmetics™

A makeup company that believes the future of beauty is more than makeup.

I took over where the legendary Dan Courtness left off. After the migration from Wordpress to Gatsby for Black Friday sales, the Fluff gals wanted to ensure their vision was clear. I worked on adding a way to encourage people to refill and reuse their products in an engaging way. You can see this in action if you head to https://www.itsallfluff.com/products/lip-oil-1-clear/ and add the item to your cart. Alongside your cart you will be presented with an option to add refills of this product.

I also worked across the CMS handover and ensured the Fluff gals could create, edit and delete products in a staging environment before moving it onto their production site.

Please check out the site here: https://www.itsallfluff.com